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Spectrolab is a company involved in manufacturing and marketing a range of scientific instruments and systems around the world.   Essentially we have four major marketing activities that can be divided into the following groups

1. General Spectroscopy      2. Molecular and Atomic Structure determination
3. Electro and Laser Optics    4. Physical Sciences

We manufacture in the UK and elsewhere.  Our products are predominantly of UK manufacture and as with all international companies we often use parts from several other countries including the USA, Asia and Europe.  All shipments are from our facilities in the UK

Our Product range

UV Vis Spectrophotometers

FTIR Infrared Spectrophotometers 

Atomic Absorption

Hollow Cathode Lamps for AAS

Flame Photometers

X-ray Fluorescence  Spectrometers EDXRF

Raman systems

Optical Microscopes

Chromatography Systems

Atomic Fluorescence Spectrrometers

Microwave Digestion Systems

TOC  Total Organic Carbon Analyser

Milk Analysers

Optical Monochromators

Electro Optics

UV-Vis-IR Spectrophotometers

The model S10 series of Spectrophotometers are a wide range of high performance instruments that include both single and double beam designs. The range includes  visible, ultra violet and near infra red models covering a wavelength range of 190nm to 1100nm. Resolution options include 0.5nm to 4.0nm according to choice. Excellent software is provided along with a wide range of useful accessories. These include auto samplers, variable temperature cuvettes, reflection attachments making it easy for absorption , transmission and kinetic spectrophotometry. The range includes single beam spectrophotometers, double beam spectrophotometers, visible spectrophotometers and near infrared spectrophotometers

Sample Handling for UV Vis spectrophotometers

This range includes glass, quartz and polymer cuvettes. D2 lamps, W lamps and a range of attachments that allow all type of UV Vis spectrophotometry

FTIR Infra Red Spectroscopy

Our model S70 FTIR spectrophotometers provide a choice of instruments suitable for research laboratories, industry and colleges.  The range includes high resolution instruments providing a resolution of 0.5cm-1 as well as basic inexpensive instruments with a resolution of 4.0cm-1These are reliable and extremely versatile research grade FTIR spectrophotometers offering very high S:N and a wide wavelength range of accessories including ATR, DRIFT and SR. We offer a reasonably priced infra red microscope in addition to diamond ATR accessories. The S70 series FTIR  is a “state of the art” Fourier transform infrared spectrophotometer  that accommodates all types of infra red spectroscopy

Sample Handling for FTIR We offer a full range of support products including IR sample handling accessories. IR sample handling options include, ATR, specular reflection, DRIFT, disposable mounts presses and mills. Also variable path length cells, KBR powder, hand held and hydraulic presses,  windows, chart paper, pens etc. We also supply a range of infrared fibre optics and probes. We have an extensive range of infra red data bases

The Atomic Absorption spectrometer range

The model S40 series of atomic absorption spectrophotometers are an easy to use and very versatile range of instruments used in many laboratories, universities and colleges around the world. These remarkable instruments are extremely rugged and combine high sensitivity with a small footprint. They are also extremely reliable. Portable versions are available for users who wish to move there laboratory to different sites or locations. The S40 series are microprocessor based and do not require a PC. However PC options are also available along with excellent analytical software. We offer a complete range of accessories including inexpensive hollow cathode lamps and elemental standards. We also offer a range of Hydride options including attachments for Mercury analysis. Atomic absorption is the preferred technique for trace element analysis providing  ppm sensitivity for all applications. Our atomic absorption spectrophotometers can also be used as high sensitivity flame photometers as well as atomic fluorescence spectroscopy

Sample Handling for Atomic absorption spectrophotometers

Our most popular products are a complete range of inexpensive hollow cathode lamps typically costing just $100 each and being less than half the price of other manufacturers are currently the best value in the world. We also offer element standards in liquid form

5 Element automatic Flame Photometers

The Model S20  is a microprocessor controlled digital five element automatic flame photometer and is currently the best value for money flame instrument of its type in the world. It is well suited to all types of use including research, environmental, clinical and teaching applications.  We also manufacture a combined flame /AAS instrument for very high performance analysis of hydrides

EDXRF Xray Fluoresecnce Spectrometers

This range includes both bench top and hand held instruments.
The model 6000 is particularly useful as a low cost Gold and precious metal analyser
The model 9000 is a unique very high performance multipurpose instrument available with all the latest detectors
The model 8000 is also a very high performance instrument that can analyse in vacuum providing optimum performance for light elements
We also have instruments for Sulphur in oil analysis as well as RoHS and Weee
Our extensive range of hand held EDXRF instruments are perfect for mineralogy,  environmental, geology. metallurgy and all general applications including assaying and precious metal analysis.
These rugged and reliable X-ray fluorescence instruments are easy to use analysers that can be operated by anyone. No special services are required. Installation is very simple and we can complete your installation for you on line. We also offer on line technical support anywhere in the world
WDXRF is also available and is widely used in the cement industry

Raman systems

Include a unique bench top instrument plus a range of portable instruments which are especially useful for quality control applications. This range includes a portable instrument for street drug identification.  A Wide range of accessories are also available including fibre optic probes and SERS components. We also offer a range of Hyper spectral systems, Micro Raman and everything else to do with Raman . We supply a range of optical monochromators suitable for Raman Spectroscopy

Sample Handling for Raman

We offer a range of fibre optic probes for Raman spectroscopy. Also SERS accessories , micro manipulators and data bases


This is an extensive range of microscopes of all types. The range includes simple student models to fully equipped metallurgical microscopes. We also have a unique range of microscope CCD imaging cameras and plug in image analysis systems that will interface to all other types of commercial microscope. Hot and cold stages are available for all models

Multipurpose Gas Chromatography

We offer several models and all provide excellent sensitivity and high over-all performance. The Model 910 is a rugged easy to use instrument designed for environmental applications, colleges use, research,  and industry. Prices are very competitive.

Liquid chromatography

We offer both binary and Isocratic LC systems designed in a modular format

Atomic Fluorescence

There is a growing interest in ultra high sensitivity analysis of hydrides , mercury etc and particularly elements such as As, Sb, Bi, Se, Te, Pb, Sn, Hg, Cd, Ge, Zn, Au, Cu, Ag, Co. Atomic fluorescence is by far the best method of analysing these elements at sensitivities better than ppb. We offer a range of atomic fluorescence instruments suitable for lab use, remote sensing and at site applications. Portable instruments are available which can be used in any outside environment allowing long term pollution to be recorded

 Microwave digesters

This is a unique range of instruments offering a full wide range of facilities


Our Total Organic Carbon analyser is available in several forms allowing the user to measure either catalytic combustion oxidation or wet chemical oxidation

Milk analysers

This range includes simple protein analysers to multi component analysers

Optical monochromators

Optical Monochromators / spectrographs
We provide a unique range of optical monochromators with focal length ranging from 100mm to 1500mm. Both single and double monochromators are available as required as well as useful accessories and detectors. We also design and manufacture special systems as required.

Electro Optics

We also offer a range of vibration isolating optical laser tables, optical mounts, and holographic systems. mechanical stages, optical mounts, stepper motor drive systems etc.

About us

Spectrolab is located in the south of England. Our sales office is about one hour west of London on the M4 motorway. Our X-ray activities are usually marketed through our X-ray Associates Division. We provide after sales service for any products that we sell in all countries around the world and we support our representatives fully. We have representatives in most countries and an office in Dubai and Greece


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